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Tae Kwon Do is an ancient Korean art of self-defense which translates literally to the "art of foot and hand fighting." Through the scientific use of body in form and technique, Tae Kwon Do not only develops a method of self-defense, but also physical fitness, self-confidence, self-respect, patience, mental alertness, respect, and spiritual well-being.

Ten ranks are required to reach Black Belt. Instructors evaluate each student's progress and determine when they are ready to test upward in rank. All students work at their own pace. Patience and persistence are the key elements to promotion to higher rank. Each student is judged individually for promotion. Everyone has a different skill level and students should not be compared to each other. What is important is that a student tries his hardest to achieve his or her own personal best.

The ultimate purpose the martial arts is not just to kick and punch, but to develop the self-discipline necessary to walk away from adversarial situations. The greatest enemy you need to defeat is your own self-doubt. Tae Kwon Do gives you the self-confidence to overcome your fears and become the person you wish to be. Tae Kwon Do becomes a part of you wherever you go. You can have no surer means of unarmed self-defense.
Learning martial arts means self-assurance, not arrogance. Your confidence should make you the meekest, most humble person on Earth. If you are secure in your techniques, nothing anyone can do has negative meaning. It is impossible for them to annoy you because you know they cannot harm you. You know how to fight, but you do not exercise that ability unless threatened with bodily harm. You remain free from violence. It is not the martial artist who is dangerous, rather the weakling who, insecure, must constantly prove himself. His weakness and ignorance make him arrogant.
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